Who am I


Tom Witkowski

Web Developer and Gamer from Hamburg

Moin north-german greeting,
I'm a mid-twenty enthusiastic web developer and free time gamer from Hamburg, Germany. My core programming language is PHP but also JavaScript and a bit C# and Java.
I've developed some packages for Laravel/Lumen and host some WordPress, Symfony2 and Laravel pages.

In my free time I try to create simple games with JavaScript or Unity3D and join the GameJams at InnoGames in Hamburg. I'm also interested in mountain biking and train for a triathlon.


My Bio


  • Astrotomic

    Founder & Developer
  • Absolute Software GmbH

    Junior Software Developer
  • Medienwerft GmbH

    Training: Software Developer

What I do



Notifynder is a notification manager package for Laravel. It provides multiple pre-built senders and is extendable with custom senders.


Backuplay is a command-line backup package for Laravel. It has options to tell which folders/files should be backuped and wat to do before/after a backup.

Monolog Config

Monolog is a bootstrap package for Laravel. It allows to configure monolog handlers, formatters and processors in a simple Laravel array config file.
And some more laravel packages and projects in progress for the "Astrotomic" developer collective. And some older/abandoned Wordpress plugins.

What I create



With gravitywave control you manage and secure your planet. You are the core. You feel your planet. You are the planet keeper. Protect your planet!

Ant General

As a crazy Ant General you love to make insane experiments. Your newest experiment: enslave Centipedes. With thousands of roller blades on their foot, you send them on the rail. The goal: replace the slow ant streets. Use time anomalies, so every centipede train reaches his train station. Dont let the trains crash.

Bubble Picker

A simple but not so easy game. You have to collect the bubbles in the right order. How fast can you collect the bubbles?

Tap Pong

This new version of "Pong" is simple but hard to master. You have two paddles on each side in different colors and the ball in the middle changes his color sometimes. Be careful, just the paddle with the right color can hit the ball. How long can you keep concentrated?

Mean Bean Machine

This is the story of our brave coffee bean who tries to take down the Mean Bean Machine. The machine is terrorizing the bean family to produce coffee for the evil giants.

Some one doesn't like the giants early morning ritual of drinking coffee: all his brothers and sisters are getting killed with each cup. He decides to sabotage parts of the coffee machine and liberate his friends and family.

Don't get them grinded!

Go Golem Go

In a strange ritual you have to summon a golem. To combine the needed credentials you have to solve puzzles and play in a team cause you don't have all needed ingredients but possibly your mate.

The impossible Timefall

You are falling through time and space and have to defeat/avoid a lot of enemies.

What I host



Pandorya Photography